Rugged Military Rackslide Pull-Out & KVM Monitors

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Rugged Military Rackslide Pull-Out & KVM Monitors – All RFT and CSC models are designed for compact 1U, 2U or 3U installation in 19” ANSI/EIA standard equipment racks or portable transit cases using rackslides. For deployment the units are pulled out of the rack on the rackslides to a pre-designated mechanical stop and the LCD is lifted up into place for use. RFT and CSC models include integrated KVMs with LCD, Keyboard and Mouse Pointer devices, KVMs with integrated CAT5 Switch or KVM over IP function and display-only models.

  • The RFT LCD hinges up toward the operator; The CSC “Clamshell” LCD hinges up away from the operator towards the rack
  • Storage Depth: RFT 22″-28″ / CSC 14″-20″
  • Displays over 20″ have a tilt swivel mechanism for storage in a 19″ rack
  • All units include our proprietary Cable Management System (CMS) with Zero-Backlash
  • Our CMS is the strongest, most stable and reliable CMS solution available

Configure The Display You Need!
custom lcd touch screens

Available on most RFTs and CSCs

  • Cable Management Options: military grade aluminum, zinc plated steel, customization available
  • Hi-Brite LCDs for sunlight readability
  • Video Inputs: VGA, Composite, DVI, HDMI, Display Port, HD-SDI, Fiber
  • Touchscreens: Resistive and Projected Capacitance (PCAP)
  • MS-38999 connectors on video and peripheral devices
  • IP65 sealed keyboards with backlighting and sealed 3-button trackballs
  • RS232, PS2 and USB Keyboard/Trackball/Trackpad Outputs
  • Rackslide Options: steel ball bearing, steel solid dry friction, precision machined aluminum
  • AC or DC power supplies certified to MIL-STD-461, -1275 (vehicle), -704 (aircraft)
  • Certification to Military Environmental and EMC standards
Available by specific model

  • LCD sizes from 15″ to 27″
  • Pixel Resolutions from 640×480 VGA to 3840×2160 (4K) Quad HD
  • Integrated 4/8/16 port KVM Switch
  • Integrated Electronics for KVM over IP Internet Connection
  • Display-only models without Keyboard and Pointer
  • MS-Circular connectors on video and peripheral devices

Each of these featured displays is available with various options.

Rugged Military Rackslide Pull-Out & KVM Monitors

Rugged Military Monitor RFT2-17-SKB-HTR


• 17″ Military Certified KVM
• -40C to +70C Operation
• Deployed on Air Refueling Tanker

RFT2-2L-19-USB Rugged Military Monitor


• Dual 19″ Military KVM
• IP65 Keyboard, Trackball
• Hi-Brite LCD Option
CSC-20-MIL-G01 Rugged Military Monitor


• 20.1″ 2U Rugged Military KVM
• Optically Bonded 1600×1200 LCD
• Several VIdeo Input Configurations
RFT2-2LH-17-USB-WS-R Rugged Military Monitor


• Dual 17.3″ 1920X1080 FHD LCDS
• 3G SDI Video Inputs, IP65 Keyboard
• 28VDC Operation, Flight Certified
CSC-3L-19 Rugged Military Monitor


• Triple 19″ 2U Industrial KVM
• IP65 Keyboard and Trackball
• Oilfield Service Approved
RFT2-2L-24-D Rugged Military Monitor


Under Revision, Available Q3
• Dual 24″ 3U Military KVM
• 1920×1080 Resolution LCDs
• Sealed, Stowable Keyboard
RFT2-19-U Rugged Military Monitor


• 19” 1U Pull-Out Industrial Grade KVM
• 107-Key, 3-Button Trackball
• Dual PS/2 and USB Output
RFT2-3LH-19-USB-DVI Rugged Military Monitor


• Triple 19″ 2U Military KVM
• Sealed Keyboard, Trackball
• For Harsh Environments
RFT2-19-MIL-USB Rugged Military Monitor


• 19″ 1U Rugged Military KVM
• Sealed, Backlit Keyboard
• MIL-901D Certified
RFT-20-2U-RAR-USB Rugged Military Monitor


• 20.1″ 2U Military Approved KVM
• Space-Saving Side Access Design
• Deployed on USN Nuclear Subs

Rackslide Pull-Out KVMs with CAT5 Switch

Rugged Display Products CSC-17-CAT5A-810-SK


• 17″ 1U Light Military KVM
• 8- or 16-Port CAT5 Switch
• Built with MIL-SPEC compliant parts

RFT2 2L 19 CAT5A SPKR Rugged Military Monitor


• Dual 19″ Pull-Out Military KVM
• 8- or 16-Port CAT5 Switch
• Ground Mobile Deployment
CSC-17W-DVI ultra-rugged military KVM LCD display


• 17″ 1U Lightweight Military KVM
• 1920 x 1080 (FHD); 16:9 AR
• 8- or 16-Port CAT5 Switch

CSC-20-MIL-CAT5A Rugged Military Monitor


• 20.1″ 2U Compact Military KVM
• 16-Port CAT5 Switch, Sealed KB
• Deployed on USN Nuclear Subs

Rackslide Pull-Out Rugged KVM Display


• 17.0” Diagonal
• 1280 x 1024 (SXGA); 5:4 AR
• MIL-STD-810F (Helicopter)

CSC-17-CAT5A-810-SK Rugged Military Monitor


Certified MIL-810 and -461 MIL-STD-1275/-704 Compliant• 17" Military Certified KVM
• 1200 nit cd/m2 LCD, 4-Port CAT5 Switch
• Deployed on UH-60 Blackhawk


RFT2-19-D-TH Rugged Military Monitor


• 19″ 1U Pull-Out Display
• Ergonomic Tilt-Down Head
• -30C to +70C Operation
RFT2-3LH-24-D-DP Rugged Military Monitor


• Triple 24″ Military Display
• 1920×1080 FHD Resolution
• DVI, VGA, DP Video Support
RFTD-24-R Rugged Military Monitor


• 24” 2U Military Display
• 1920×1200 WUXGA LCD
• Remote UAS Operations

KVM Switches



IP65 KVM Switch

• IP65 sealed 7-port CAT5 Switch
• MIL-STD-810F
• -30C to +80C Operation

Ultra-Rugged Military CMA

Cable SUpport Systems

Ultra-Rugged Industrial and Military Cable Management Systems with zero backlash and can be purchased separately –


NLS RFT and CSC rackslide pull-out units are deployed throughout the world
on a wide range of military programs, including:

  • RFT2-17-SKB-HTR   USAF KC-135 Refueling Tankers (ROBE)
  • RFT2-2LH-17-USB-WS-R   Qualified and Serving on MC-12 C4ISR Aircraft
  • RFT2-19-MIL-USB   LHA and LHD Landing Craft
  • RFT2-2L-19-USB   Predator Transit Case Mobile GCS
  • RFT2-20-2U-RAR   SSGN Ohio Class Nuclear Submarines
  • CSC-20-MIL   European NATO Command Centers, Australian Military Vehicles
  • CSC-17-CAT5A   Bradley M-3 Vehicles
  • CSC-17-CAT5A-810-SK   UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopters, USN Ships
  • RFT2-2L-19-CAT5A-SPKR   Canadian Army Vehicles
  • CSC-20-MIL-CAT5A   SSGN Ohio Class Nuclear Submarines

Watch Rigorous Rugged LCD Display Testing (video)


The original NLS Rackslide Pull-Out KVM, NLS Model RFT-17, was designed in 2000 for Sun Microsystems for installation in equipment bays in large computer server farms. The RFT-17 was the first KVM unit to receive Sun Solaris Certification. At the time Sun manufactured many of the fastest and most powerful computers available and the US military was rapidly incorporating Sun computers for tech refresh and new programs. To meet the demand for a Sun compatible military KVM, NLS strengthened the RFT-17 mechanical design and incorporated a more robust sealed keyboard and other electronic components to satisfy the more demanding environmental standards required for military deployment. All current NLS RFT and CSC units trace their origins back to the original Sun RFT-17.


Customer Need:
A customer was developing a new airborne battle command system based on the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter. The system required a pull-out KVM with a number of difficult design specifications: it had to meet very tight minimal outline dimensions, including 1U maximum height. The KVM unit had to be field removable/replaceable from the equipment enclosure using front access only. When the KVM was pulled-out and deployed, the LCD display head had to be rigidly stabilized and there had to be less than 1mm backlash at the edge of the keyboard during the shock and vibration that could be experienced during combat flight operations. In addition, the LCD display had to be sunlight readable, the keyboard had to be IP65 sealed and backlit, and the unit needed to include a 4-port CAT5 switch with dedicated front panel channel selector buttons. The finished KVM also needed to meet a number of MIL-STD-810G shock, vibration, temperature, impact and other requirements.

Rugged Military Display CSC-17-CAT5A-810-SKRugged Military Display: NLS Display CSC-17-CAT5A-810-SK

Starting with one of our standard CSC-17 COTS units, we shortened and strengthened the tray and LCD head and we engineered a new mechanical stop system to keep the head rigidly fixed when in the open/upright position. Working with the rackslide manufacturer we developed new machined aluminum rackslides and a mounting assembly that together reduced the keyboard vibration backlash to within the required 1mm displacement. A new rear mounting bracket and cable management system were engineered to permit rapid removal/replacement of the KVM unit using front access only.

These design improvements, together with the 1200 nit cd/m2 LCD panel and IP65 backlit keyboard combine to make the CSC-17-CAT5A-810-SK one of the most rugged, military qualified KVM units of its kind. Recently, the CSC-17-CAT5A-810-SK was tested and qualified to MIL-STD-901D shock and is scheduled for deployment on US Navy ships.