Dual 19” 2U Military KVM with 8-Port CAT5 Switch
The original RFT2-2L-19 was introduced in 2008 for Predator UAS operations from a portable field transit case control center. This design was one of the first pull-out KVMs to feature dual 19” LCDs arranged in an over-under deployment configuration that folds up into a compact 2U package for stowage. Adapted for deployment on military ground vehicles the RFT2-2L-19-CAT5A-SPKR incorporates an 8-port KVM switch tied to the lower LCD plus stereo speakers with front panel adjustment.

• Stows in 2U rack space
• -30C to +70C operating temperature
• DVI-D video support on upper LCD
• 8-port KVM switch on lower LCD
• Stereo speakers with amplifier and headphone support amplifier switching
• Deployed on Canadian ground force vehicles

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