Freestanding & VESA LCD Displays

Rugged Touchscreen Computer Monitors


Mil-spec rugged freestanding VESA LCD display monitors feature an industry-standard square or rectangular pattern of captive hardware that permits the unit to be installed on walls and ceilings, articulating arms, poles, and desktops using a wide selection of commercially available stands, brackets, and other hardware adhering to the VESA mounting standard.


• Environmental sealing and mechanical strength to withstand shock and vibration
• Special electronic shielding and active circuit design for limiting EMI and Electrical Susceptibility
• Sealed connectors, power supplies, and other components for compliance with Military Standards


  • Sizes from 8″ to 49″
  • Pixel Resolutions from 640×480 VGA to 3840×2160 (4K) Quad HD
  • Touchscreens: Resistive, Projected Capacitance (PCAP), Infrared (IR), Optical Multi-Touch (OMT)
  • Video Inputs: Analog RGB VGA, DVI, HDMI, Display Port, SDI/3G-SDI, Composite, Display Link™
  • Certification to Military and Industrial Environmental and EMC Standards
  • Sealed and Backlit Front Control Buttons
  • RS232, RS484, USB, and Ethernet Remote Control

Each of these rugged displays is available with various options.

Configure The Display That Meets Your Requirements!
custom lcd touch screens

CF-12 LCD display monitor


• 12″ 1024×768 XGA Touchmonitor
• 1600 nit cd/m2 Sunlight Readable LCD
• IP65 Sealed IR Touchscreen

LCD display monitor CF-19-GX1


• 19″ Light Aluminum Housing
• Dual A/B Selectable VGA Inputs
• Cost Effective C4ISR Solution

LCD display monitor CF-49


• 49" 1920x1080 FHD LCD
• Lightweight Aluminum Housing
• Certified to MIL-STD-461

CF-17-D LCD display monitor


• 17″ IP65 Ground Mobile Display
• 1200 nit cd/m2 Sunlight Readable LCD
• Desert Humvee Deployment

LCD display monitor CF-19-GTC


• 19″ Air Qualified Display
• Shock Isolated, IP65 Sealed
• Built with MIL-SPEC compliant parts



• 17″ IP65 Military Touchmonitor
• Rugged Resistive Touchscreen
• USCG Hard Deck Mounted

LCD display monitor CF-30


• 30" 2560x1600 WQXGA LCD
• Lightweight Aluminum Housing
• Certified to MIL-STD-461

CF-19-R-USB LCD display monitor


• 19″ Industrial Touchmonitor
• Rugged Resistive Touchscreen
• Lightweight and Cost Effective

LCD display monitor CF-27SQ-MT-SPKR


• 26.5" 1920x1920 Square LCD
• 6-Point Optical Multi-Touch
• Deployed USN Air Traffic Control



control stationsDeployments range from outdoor toll booths (CF-12), military air traffic control centers (CF-27SQ-MT-SPKR), the decks of USN destroyer and Coast Guard Cutters (CF-17-MIL-DIM-TS-232), and US Army Humvees  (CF-17-D).

The CF-30-OMT with 6-point multi-touch has been in continuous service on the Patriot Missile Operator Training Program since 2010. Our new MIL Certified 30″ CF-30 WQXGA and 49″ CF-49 FHD displays were selected for service on Patriot Missile tactical installations.



The CF line was originally designed for commercial Point-of-Sale and Point-of-Information applications in touch-interactive video systems for retail advertising for customers such as Sears, Kia Motors, 9-West Shoes, Leapfrog Toys in Toys-R-Us stores, as well as in prestigious museums such as the New York City Natural History Museum and the Washington, D.C., Holocaust Museum. The construction of the commercial units was ruggedized and adapted for use in the much harsher environments of industrial and military applications.


Customer Need: The US Army was using Humvees with infrared headlights for stealth when driving at night.

The night vision goggles (NVGs) being used by the drivers proved impractical or ineffective under certain conditions. They were looking for a suitable flat screen video display to provide better nighttime viewing without NVGs.

NLS Solution: NLS modified our CF-10 COTS display by adding extra control buttons, extra video inputs and supporting internal circuitry, and a power supply engineered for use on military ground vehicles. The new display, working together with the customer’s infrared camera system, improved the driver’s ability to see and navigate without NVGs.