Initially deployed in 2008 as part of a portable transit case system for remote, field control of Predator UAS operations, the RFT2-2L-19 was the first pull-out KVM to feature dual 19” LCDs arranged in an over-under configuration that folds up for stowage in a compact 2U package. Variations of the RFT2-2L-19-USB-V2 have been deployed on a wide range of military missions from benign shelter installations to demanding airborne, ground mobile, and shipboard operations. Models are available with FHD widescreen LCDs, sealed keyboards, touchscreens, 8 and 16 port CAT5 KVM switches, IP connection, and other customer-specified options.

One variation, model RFT2-2L-19-USB-V2, is currently deployed on a military shipboard application. This unit has passed shock testing in a certified lab under conditions simulating MIL-STD-901D Lightweight Grade A, Class II, Type B for US Navy ships. The testing was conducted with the unit on, in the fully deployed and open condition, with no loss or degradation of functional performance. The attached video clip shows the unit undergoing shock impulses in the X, Y and Z axes.

Dual 19in 2U Military Pull-Out KVM

Shock Certified LCD for Naval Shipboard Operations

RFT2-2L-19-VGA-V2 Key Features:

  • Stows in 2U rack space
  • -30C to +70C operating temperature
  • Sealed 38 mm Trackball and full-travel back-lit keyboard, USB output
  • Support for VGA and DVI/HDMI
  • Built-in fold-down palm rest
  • Rugged locks secure LCD heads during shock and vibration
  • AC or 28VDC powered

Available Options:

  • SDI, Display Port and VOIP video
  • RS232 Trackball and Keyboard output
  • Rugged Resistive Touchscreen (lower display)
  • Hi-Brite and/or NVIS LCDs

Watch our testing video (rt 00:13)


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