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Neuro Logic Systems, Inc. has over 25 years of experience meeting the requirements of military and industrial customers.

We can meet your requirements with our COTS, modified COTS and custom displays.

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Aircraft LCD Monitors


Displays accept pressure gradients from sea level to 40,000 ft. LCD heaters permit reliable operation from -50C up to 70C. Tailored to meet shock and vibration profiles for large jets, small turboprops, and helicopters. Compact, light design to minimize payload size and weight.


Air Traffic Control

Our rugged military ATC display monitors are built with the features required for deployment on both land-based and ship-board Air Traffic Control Stations. Both displays use the 27” Square LCD with 1920×1920 Pixel Resolution. The CF-27SQ will be available in the 28” 2k x 2k version in Q4 2022.


Control Station

Cost-effective, semi-rugged displays from 7″ to 50″ for ground control stations, field training, and other benign environments where expensive, hardened, MIL-certified displays are not required. Features and options are available to meet any mission requirement.

Rugged Industrial LCD Monitors

Rugged Industrial

Tempered glass and polycarbonate LCD shields and low-profile controls protect the display from impact shock damage. Gasket sealing protection from windblown dust, sand, and water. Added circuitry protects electronics from power surges and spikes.

military displays Ground Mobile lcd monitor deployments

Ground Mobile

Housings are constructed for shock and vibration protection and gasket sealed from dust, sand, and water. Added circuitry protects electronics from power surges and spikes. LCDs are shielded from impact damage by tempered glass or polycarbonate.


Sea Marine

Gasket sealing and conformal coating protect against the corrosive effects of saltwater and high humidity. Ruggedized to meet severe shock and vibration requirements. Extra electrical shielding protects against strong electromagnetic fields.