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    To return a product for repair or service contact Carole Rossiter at 805-389-5435 ext 210, or fill in the online form and send it to us. Customer Support Representative will contact you within 24 hours with an RMA number and shipping information.

    To facilitate our ability to service units needing evaluation or repair, please read the following instructions and fill in the appropriate information. An RMA number will be assigned and you will be notified via phone or fax. All information is required.

    RMA Terms and Conditions

Unit must be packaged to prevent damage in shipping. Use of original packaging is best. We recommend double boxing with 2” of insulating materials surrounding the unit and placed between the inner and outer boxes. Goods received improperly packaged or with package damage will be repackaged at customer’s expense. NLS does not assume responsibility for any damages incurred during shipping. Damages incurred by negligence, customer handling, natural disaster or misuse or misapplication of the product are not covered by warranty.

    Unit will be shipped to NLS at customer’s expense. If unit is under warranty, NLS will pay for return shipping by ground. Return shipping for non-warranty repairs will be added to the cost of the repair. Insure the shipment for its declared replacement value.

    Minimum charge for non-warranty evaluation or repair is $350.00. Payment is due at time of service, prior to return of product.

    All repairs are warranted for 90 days from date of shipment. This covers materials and workmanship. Warranty covers only the items replaced and/or repaired and does not extend to any other portions of the monitor.

    Items left at Neuro Logic Systems longer than 30 days after notification of problem or repair may become property of Neuro Logic Systems.