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Custom Rugged LCD Display Configurations

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    Choose LCD Panel Options, Modifications and Enhancements:

    We offer displays in sizes from 5” to 60” and resolutions up to 4K2K Ultra-High Definition (UHD)

    Hi-Brite BacklightContrast Filters & FilmsAnti-ReflectiveAnti-GlareOptical Bonding

    Enhanced Backlight Control: Available on all products. Provides smooth, wide range dimming (>800:1) from maximum brightness down to below 1 cd/m2 via RS232, USB or Ethernet

    NVIS and NVG Compatibility

    LCD Heaters and Controllers for operation down to -45 deg C

    Touch Screens

    Touch Screens are available as an option on most of our display products. Select the touch technology you prefer:

    ResistiveIR Optical Multi-Touch (OMT)PCAPOther:specify

    Video Compatibility and Control

    Video Inputs and Support:

    Analog RGB including synch-on-green support, HDB15 VGA Standard

    DVI including Dual-Link

    HDMI, HDMI-1.3

    Composite Video: NTSC/PAL/SECAM, RS-170, RS-343 (radar)



    Display Port

    HD/SD Component

    Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Split Screen (PBP)

    Display Link USB

    Video Feed-Thru

    AT5 KVM Video Connection (4/8/16 Channels, Keyboard/Pointer, Over IP)

    Video Control:

    Expanded Front Control Panel with NVIS compatible backlighting

    Remote Control of input selection and video display parameters via RS232/485 or Ethernet

    Display Status Reporting over Ethernet IP

    Auto Brightness Adjustment

    Power Options:

    AC: 85-265 VAC, 50-400 Hz

    DC: 9-36 VDC (Military)

    DC: 36-72 VDC (Telecom)

    Dual Auto-Switching AC-DC with AC Priority

    MIL-STD-1275 (vehicle) and -704 (aircraft) compliance

    Enclosure Options:

    Standard MS-38999 I/O Signal and Power Connectors

    Non-Standard and Custom Connectors

    Audio Speakers and Alarms

    Custom Enclosure Design, Mounting and Finishing

    Custom Labeling

    Custom User Controls

    Weight Reduction

    Light Weight Composite Materials

    Product Safety, EMC, Environmental Compliance and Certifications

    All products are certified or built to comply with North American (CSA/CUL) and European Safety Standards (CE) and EMC Compatibility: FCC-A, EN55011 (EMC), UL60950, IEC60950 (Safety), EN61000 (Immunity)

    Increased NEMA and IP Rating by more robust enclosure sealing methods

    UL Class 1 Div 2 and/or ATEX Certification for use in explosive environments

    ABS Certification for Commercial Marine applications

    Military EMC and Environmental Certifications


    Mechanical: ShockVibrationPressureAltitudeAcceleration

    Temperature: High TempLow TempTemp Shock

    Ingress: RainImmersionHumiditySalt-FogDust & Sand

    Other: FungusSolar RadiationExplosive Atm

    MIL-STD-167-1 Shipboard Vibration

    MIL-STD-901D Shipboard Shock


    Radiated Emissions: RE101RE102RE103

    Conducted Emissions: CE101CE102CE106

    Radiated Susceptibility: RS101RS103RS105

    Conducted Susceptibility:

    Other: ESDGround Plane Interface

    MIL-STD-1275 (vehicle) -709 (aircraft) Protection from Power Spikes and Surges

    MIL-STD-3009 Night Vision Compliance

    MIL-STD-130 Markings for military equipment

    RTCA DO-160 Environmental and EMC requirements for Airborne Equipment

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    CSC-17-VGA-SK The CSC-17-VGA-SK is a flight certified ultra-rugged military KVM display housed in a compact 1U clamshell configuration that offers maximum functionality in a minimum rack space. The IP65-sealed aluminum...

    Not all options or option combinations are available on all units.

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