2U Dual 19-inch LCD and Keyboard Tray
The RFT2-2L-19 is the world’s first dual 19-inch LCD that fits into 2U of rack space in a RETMA rack or transport case. When pulled out for use, the 2 LCDs open in a vertical format, reducing the amount of space traditional side-by-side units require. The pitch of the displays take into account the optimum viewing angles for the operator and reduces the amount of “up-time” involved in using two separate monitors.

The RFT2-2L-19 was originally made for the U.S. Navy but is also used by military personnel to fly UAVs in both a fixed rack and transport case. This unit was designed to withstand vibration in a closed and upright position, making it ideal for use in aircraft, ships and vehicles. It comes with a sealed, backlit full-travel keyboard and a 1.5″ backlit trackball and 3 mouse buttons.

• 2U High and 24 inches deep
• Fits 22″ to 36″ rack depths via adjustable mounting brackets
• 2 19-inch wide-viewing flat panel LCDs  
• NEMA sealed front 2mm protective glass for LCD
• LCD power-up when raised   
• 2 gas struts for ultimate LCD support when open
• Lock-down mechanism for LCD when not is use
• Sealed backlit full-travel keyboard
• 1.5 inch trackball and 3 mouse buttons
• Optional Sun-compatible keyboard
• Smart-Rail System & Cable Mgt
• PFC power supply
• 28 and 48-volt DC and 400Hz power supply options
• 15-pin VGA & DVI connections

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