Dual 24” 3U Military Display
The RFT2-2L-24-DVI-USB has two 24” 1920×1080 displays that deploy in a vertical, over-under configuration. A proprietary tilt-swivel mechanism permits the two displays to be stowed in only 2U rack space (without keyboard) making it ideal for transit case and other space-restricted installations. Adapted from our COTS KVM line for remote Predator UAS mission control operations, the RFT2-2L-24-DVI-USB offers a unique solution for applications requiring the largest visual display area in a rack slide pull-out unit. Included is an unattached pull-out USB keyboard with a 3-button Trackball and padded palm rest, all within 3U space.

• Dual 24″ Hi-Resolution 1920×1080 LCD Displays with DVI input
• Unique Design Stows in 3U 19″ Rack or Transit Case
• Rugged Aluminum Alloy Construction
• Included IP65 Sealed, Backlit, full travel Pull-Out USB Keyboard and Trackball
• AC or DC Power

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