Dual 17.3” Air Qualified 1920×1080 Widescreen Military KVM
Engineered for operation in restricted quarters, the RFT2-2LH-17-USB-WS-R features two 17.3” 1920×1080 full HD LCD displays that deploy in a side-by-side configuration. Two friction levers lock the display heads firmly in place to prevent movement from the shock and vibration encountered during flight. The unit operates on 28 VDC power and is MIL-STD-704 compliant. HD-SDI video inputs and an IP65 sealed keyboard are standard. The RFT2-2LH-17-USB-WS-R stows away in a compact, 2U rack space. This display is presently deployed on small, MC-12 C4ISR turboprop aircraft.

• Dual 17.3” 1920×1080 Full HD Displays
• Compact 2.4U Design Stows in 19” Rack or Transit Case
• 28VDC Power Supply, MIL-1275 and -704 Compliant
• Optional 1200 CD/m2 Hi-Brite LCDs Available
• Deployed on MC-12 C4ISR aircraft (King Air)

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