8.4” Military Panel PC with Removable VNX Computer
The CF-8-NP1 is a compact, integrated Panel PC (PPC) featuring a Hi-Brite, Sunlight readable 8.4” XGA LCD, rugged resistive touchscreen and powerful VNX-based computer that is Linux and Windows™ 7 compatible. Originally configured for generator control in the Universal UAS Ground Control Station (UGCS), the integrated computer is sufficiently powerful to run a wide range of demanding applications.

The unique VNX-based design permits field removal / replacement of the entire computer module in less than 1 minute. The ability to separate the computer and display circuitry for servicing provides an MMTR a vastly shorter repair time than any other PPC solution and offers a huge advantage when installed in classified areas.

• Ideal for use in secure classified installations
• Compact Design with 8.4” XGA LCD
• Rugged 5-wire Resistive Touchscreen
• Wide Temperature Operation: -30C to +70C
• Powerful, Field-Replaceable Imbedded VNX Computer
• 64-bit Intel Atom /nVidea GMA 3150/1GB DDR3/64GB
• Flash/2x USB 2.0/RS232/SATA
• Windows and Linux Compatible
• IP65 Sealed Lightweight Aluminum Construction
• 28VDC MIL-1275 /-704 Power for Ground Vehicle / Aircraft Operation
• Low Power, 25watts max
• Deployed on Universal Ground Control Station

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