Dual 19” Military GCS Display Saves 16U Rack Space
The original DM-19 was engineered for the Predator UAS Ground Control Station. Two 19” LCDs are mounted in an over-under configuration with the upper LCD tilted 15 degrees forward for ergonomics. The unique design permits the assembly to install on the front face of the equipment rack enclosure rather than the rails.

The DM-19 assembly is hinged and can be opened like a door, providing access to the 16U of underlying rackspace which is available for computers and other mission critical equipment. A unique turn latch locks the door closed during operation. In the new DM-19-TH, the upper LCD itself is hinged and can be tilted forward for use and folded back for storage to preserve space.

• Dual 19” SXGA LCDs with DVI input
• Unique hinged door design saves 16U of rack space
• -30C to +70C degrees operating temperature
• AC power standard; 28VDC power available
• Hinged door mechanism can be field configured for left or right-hand opening
• Touchscreen options available
• DVI Standard, DVI Available
• Deployed in Predator Ground Control Station

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