17” RCTA DO-160 Certified Touchmonitor
The PM-17-R is a lightweight environmentally sealed 17” panel mount touchmonitor with DO-160 certification for airborne C2- and C4-ISR applications in fixed wing aircraft. It features a Hi-Brite 1200 cd/m2 LCD ensuring good viewing in bright, high glare situations. The non-vented aluminum alloy housing meets NEMA4/IP65 standards for reliable operation under the harshest conditions making the PM-17-R ideal for use in chemical plants, refineries and other hazardous environments requiring a gas-tight sealed display.

• Rugged 5-wire resistive touchscreen with USB output
• 28VDC power, MIL-STD-461, -1275 and -704 compliant
• DVI-D video standard; VGA, Display Port, SDI video support available
• Sealed MS-38999 connectors for Video, Power and USB
• External RS232 control and MIL-STD-3009 NVIS compliance available
• Air Certified and deployed on E-6B Aircraft

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