24” 1920×1080 Flight Certified Military Display
The PM-24-PIP-28 is a highly rugged display featuring a fast, FHD LCD panel with a wide color gamut. The proprietary MCU based backlight controller provides wide range, incremental dimming down to the low light levels required for optimal viewing with NVGs. MCU controlled heater circuitry ensures rapid warming to full operation from extreme cold storage conditions.

The machined aluminum alloy housing is fully gasket sealed against the incursion of dust, sand and water. Pressure relief valves provide continuous adjustment to air pressure variations, including rapid decompression. Engineered for deployment on military aircraft the PM-24-PIP-28 is equally suited for ground mobile, naval shipboard and other harsh environmental conditions. Options include custom video input configurations, AC power supply, Touchscreen and MIL-STD-3009 compliant NVIS.

• Sealed to IP65, Unit Level
• 1920×1080 FHD Resolution
• Fast 14 msec. Response Time
• True 8-bit Color Depth, 72% NTSC
• Dual-Link DVI and 3G-SDI Video Support
• Fine Dimming Adjustment to < 0.5cd/m2
• 28VDC MIL-STD-704 Power Supply
• Fast 10 min. Warm Up from -40oC
• MIL-810, -461 and DO-160 Compliant
• Deployed USAF Turboprop Aircraft

Also available in 30” with 2560×1600 resolution in the PM-30-PIP-28-V2.

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