30” 2560×1600 Military Touchmonitor with Heater
Engineered for operation in severe sub-zero weather conditions the PM-30-TS-HTR is ideal for deployment in any application requiring storage and operation down to -45degC. The Proprietary MCU controlled LCD heater warms the display system from cold storage at -45C to full operational status in under 5 minutes.

The mechanical design permits the PM-30-TS-HTR to be used in either Portrait or Landscape mode. Luminance and operator OSD adjustments can be performed via bezel button controls, by a tethered remote control pad that stows on the rear when not in use, and/or by RS232 commands. The sealed Optical Multi-Touch (OMT) touchscreen can detect 6 simultaneous touch points using any stylus > 3mm diameter including gloved hands.

• Highly Rugged Machined Aluminum Construction
• LCD Heater for Operation in Cold Climates to -45C
• 30” 2560×1600 WQXGA LCD Panel with 10-bit Color Pallet (1.07B colors)
• Display Port and DVI video support standard.
• Flexible Picture-in-Picture and Split Screen Operations
• 28VDC Power, MIL-1275 Compliant for Ground Vehicle Application
• IP65 Sealed Optical 6-Point Multi-Touch Touchscreen
• MS-38999 Connections for Video, Touchscreen and Power
• Designed and Built to Military Standards by Similarity to Certified Units

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