7U Backplane Military Workstation with 15” Touchmonitor
The RW-15 is a backplane computer integrated with 15” LCD. It is deployed around the globe on land and sea for F16 and F-18 fighter flight control actuator maintenance. The 6-slot backplane is configured with 1 PICMIG 1.3 slot, one PCIe slot and four 32-bit PCI slots. To prevent impact shock and ingress of foreign debris, the LCD panel is protected by a glass armored resistive touch overlay with hydrophobic AR coatings. Computer peripherals and operator controls are accessible behind an IP65 sealed access door.

• LGA1155 Intel Core i7/i5/i3 SHB; DDR3 Computer Standard, includes:
• AMI 64bit SPI Flash BIOS; 16GB RAM; Intel HD Graphics; 10/100/1000 GB Ethernet
• SATA 2.0 x 4 (300MB/sec); up to 10 USB 2.0; 2ea RS232 one SPP/EPP/ECP port; PS/2
• Rugged, IP65 protected Aluminum Alloy Housing
• 15” XGA LCD with Armored Resistive Touchscreen
• Protected Front Panel USB and SSD Ports
• Deployed on Air Bases and Aircraft Carriers for F-16 and F-18 Fighter Maintenance

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