19” 1U Pull-Out 901D MIL-Certified KVM
The RFT2-19-MIL-USB is extra rugged for operation in harsh environments, making it ideal for industrial and military deployment. The unit passed MIL-STD-901D, heavyweight, Grade A shock, in an open position and remained fully operational. It subsequently passed 3 rounds of MIL-STD-167 vibration testing with no failures.

• MIL-901D Certified in Open/Deployed Position
• Bonded LCD Shield for Shock Protection and EMI Reduction
• Heavy Duty Gas Springs Stabilize LCD Head
• Rugged Solid Bearing Rackslides
• NLS Zero Backlash Cable Management System
• MIL-461 Compliant AC or DC Power Supply

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    Ultra-Rugged Industrial and Military Cable Management Systems with zero backlash and can be purchased separately - Sales@nlsdisplays.com

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