Frequently Asked Questions

What racks will it work with?

We have not been able to test the RFT model line with all racks, but from what we hear from our customers, we haven’t found a rack that it will not work with. Sun Microsystems, APC, Knurr, Equipto, Emcor, SharkRack, APW, Dell, Compaq, and IBM are racks we know that customers have installed our units into. Because of the mounting brackets we use, we doubt there is a rack we can’t mount to.

Will it work with Windows?

The RFT line will work with all Microsoft operating systems: Win 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and embedded Windows.

What UNIX systems is it compatible with?

The RFT line has been tested on Sun Microsystems units including Solaris 7, 8 and 9. All 1U products have been Solaris Ready certified. Customers use the RFT with AIX, HP and Linux.

Will it work with 13W3 connectors?

Yes. Video cards utilizing 13W3 connectors require a 13W3 to HD-15 adapter. This may be purchased from NLS or directly from Sun.

What is the minimum and maximum mounting depths?

The RFT line is 24-inches deep. So the minimum mounting depth would be 24 inches. The maximum depth is 38 inches.

What types of keyboards are available?

Windows: PS/2 for mouse and keyboard
Sun: USB or 8-pin serial

Is it equipped with a built in KVM?

No. We researched the idea of adding a KVM into our units and discovered that they would not be as robust and offer the same features as some of the major KVM manufacturers on the market.

Will it work with a KVM?

Absolutely. 99% of our customers that use a KVM with our unit use either Avocent/Cybex or Lantronix. We have not done in-house testing with these units, but we have not heard any complaints from customers regarding this units.

What keyboard languages are offered?

The Windows-based keyboards have a variety of languages: Belgian, Swiss, Germany, Danish, Spanish, French, English (UK), Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish/Finnish. You can order the RFT without a keyboard if you are planning on using a different language and would like to purchase the keyboard in another country. Installation of the keyboard is quite simple.

Sun-based keyboards are currently offered in US and UK English. Other languages are available but on a custom basis.

What are the voltage options?

The RFT comes with a 90-240V, 50/60Hz auto-switching power supply. Any IEC cable can be attached to the power cord which allows the RFT to be used in any country.

The RFT can be equipped with 24V and 48V supplies as well as 400Hz power on a custom basis.

How long does it take to mount into a rack?

After everything is removed from the box, actual installation of the unit into a rack should take less than 5 minutes. This includes mounting the rails and sliding in the RFT.

What colors are available?

Our standard color is flat black powder-coat. We can offer any color given you supply a PMS color. Colors other than our standard black will incur a lot charge and paint charge. Volume orders may not incur charg

Can the unit be customized to fit my special needs?

We have modified the RFT for a variety of purposes over it’s life. From airplanes to boats to Humvees and transport cases, we’ve done it all. We can most likely modify the RFT to fit your particular needs. Major modifications can incur NRE charges. It’s best to call and ask.

Who is the manufacturer of this product?

NLS has designed and engineered the metal and the integration of all components here at our building in Camarillo, California. The metal is manufactured under close supervision by NLS in Santa Barbara and final assembly and testing is done at our building.

How is it currently being used or in what applications is it used for?

The RFT line is currently being used in hundreds of networking equipment racks and LCD rackmounts . Other more specialized uses are military transport cases, on Humvies, in Coast Guard boats, and in military aircraft.

Will the Sun/UNIX keyboard work on Windows?

Current customers report to NLS that our Sun compatible keyboard, in a USB format, does work on a Windows machine. The Sun function keys do not work, but all other keys do. While NLS does not support this, you are more than free to try.

Will the Windows keyboard work on Sun/UNIX?

The Windows keyboard will work on a Sun system in one of two ways; 1) you use a KVM which does translation, or 2) you use a Sun PS/2 adapter offered through Sun Microsystems.

What is the warranty on this item?

2 years – parts and labor

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