The new PM-10.1-DVI-28 rugged display is designed and certified for installation in military aircraft. To meet the challenging lighting conditions common in a military aircraft cockpit, the PM-10.1-DVI-28 features a Dual-Mode, High-Brite/NVIS backlight system with luminance adjustment from 1300 cd/m2 for visibility in glaring direct sunlight conditions, down to <0.5 cd/m2 for night time NVIS compatible conditions suitable for viewing with NVGs.

Additional contrast and glare reduction are achieved using a bonded circular polarizing filter stack. The rugged, machined aluminum bezel features eight buttons with NVIS compatible backlighting ensuring good legibility under all lighting conditions.

Video support in the PM-10.1-DVI-28 is configured for 2x HD-SDI (BNC) and 1x DVI running in an MS-38999 connector. However, support for 2x DVI, 2x HD-SDI and 1x each VGA, Composite, and Display Port video is possible with additional connectors. Video rotation and PIP operations are supported and an optional rugged resistive touchscreen is available.

The military-grade DC power supply accepts 12V-36VDC with full transient and surge protection to MIL-STD-1275/-704 standards.

  • Designed and built to MIL-STD-461, -810, -167, -1275, -704
  • 8 bezel buttons with NVIS Green backlighting
  • Dual-Mode, High-Brite/NVIS White Backlight system
  • MIL-3009 NVIS and NVG compatible
  • 1x DVI-D and 2x HD-SDI Video inputs


Rugged Computer Display Product: PM-10.1-DVI-28

rugged military display monitor PM-10-1-DVI-28
FRONT: PM-10.1-DVI-28
rugged military display monitor PM-10-1-DVI-28-front
BACK: PM-10.1-DVI-28
made in the USA

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