Computers Designed for Harsh Environments

Rugged computers designed for military deployment in the harshest environmental conditions. All models feature IP67 gasket sealed enclosures and I/O and power connectors providing compliance to MIL-STD-810 and 461H.


RWC-DK119 Rugged Workstation Computer The RWC-DK119 computer workstation, configured for military ATC operations, is housed in a compact o-ring sealed machined aluminum housing measuring 11.3” wide, 8.6” deep and 5.5” tall. Quad Ethernet and USB ports provide multiple LAN and WAN connections. An adapter is available for 901D hard deck installation.

RWC-RK178 1U Computer

RWC-RK178 Rugged 1U Rackmount Computer The RWC-RK178 Rugged 1U Rackmount Computer features the identical internal electronics as the RWC-DK119 packaged in a housing measuring 17.1” wide, 8” deep and 1.72” (1U) tall configured for installation in a standard 19” equipment rack or transit case.

RWC-DK77 VESA Mount Computer

The RWC-DK77 computer is designed for piggy-back installation on the rear of LCD displays and converting them to PPC operation and connection to Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN/WAN).The compact military computer RWC-DK77, measuring 7” square and 2” tall is designed for mounting on a standard 100mm x 200mm VESA pattern as available on the rear cover of many NLS military displays, converting them to PPC operation and connection via LAN and WAN to local and remote computers.

About NLS Displays

Neuro Logic SystemsNeuro Logic Systems manufactures a broad range of rugged video display products, touch-input displays, and interactive video display systems. NLS specializes in rugged COTS and modified COTS display solutions for military, industrial, energy, transportation, and ATC industries. We deliver high-performance, cost-saving solutions to meet program requirements. All NLS products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.

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